US President Biden says he gave order to shoot down Chinese balloon

In a recent press conference, President Biden announced that he had given the order to shoot down a Chinese balloon that was hovering over American airspace. The balloon, which was believed to be conducting surveillance activities, was considered a threat to national security and was swiftly taken down by American military forces.

Biden stated that the US will not tolerate any foreign interference in its airspace and will take whatever measures necessary to protect its citizens and assets. He also stressed the importance of maintaining a strong and secure air defense system in the face of increasing global tensions and technological advancements.

The incident has sparked international outrage and tensions between the two nations have heightened. Chinese officials have accused the US of violating international laws and threatened to take action against the country.

However, Biden maintained that the US acted in accordance with international laws and will not back down from its stance on protecting its sovereignty. He also emphasized that the US remains open to diplomatic talks with China and is willing to resolve the issue through peaceful means.

The shooting down of the Chinese balloon has once again brought the topic of national security and air defense to the forefront and raises questions about the future of international relations. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the need for a secure and stable global system has never been more crucial.

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