President BongBong Marcos, urges public Don’t delay, pay taxes now update

President Ferdinand 'BongBong' Marcos Jr., has urged the public to pay their taxes promptly. In a statement released to the media, Marcos Jr. emphasized the importance of paying taxes for the development and growth of the country. He stated that the funds collected from taxes are used for various public services such as healthcare, education, infrastructure, and other social services.

Marcos Jr. also emphasized that paying taxes is not just a responsibility but a civic duty as well. He said that paying taxes on time helps ensure that the government has enough funds to provide essential services to its citizens. He added that any delay in tax payments could negatively impact the country's financial stability and hinder the government's ability to provide basic services to its citizens.

In conclusion, Marcos Jr. encouraged the public to pay their taxes promptly and avoid penalties or charges. He said that paying taxes is an important aspect of being a responsible citizen and supporting the country's development.

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