2 Japanese fugitives in PH to be deported

Two Japanese fugitives who have been hiding in the Philippines for several years will soon be deported back to Japan. The two men, who are wanted in Japan for serious crimes, have been arrested by Philippine authorities and are now in the process of being returned to their home country.

The first of the two fugitives is a 41-year-old man who is wanted for fraud and embezzlement. He had fled Japan several years ago and had been hiding in the Philippines under a false identity. The second fugitive is a 33-year-old man who is wanted for theft and assault. He had also been hiding in the Philippines, but was eventually caught by authorities through a joint operation between the Philippine National Police and the Japanese Interpol. 

The deportation of these two fugitives is seen as a significant victory for both the Philippines and Japan, as it highlights the strong cooperation between the two countries in their efforts to tackle crime and bring criminals to justice. The two fugitives will now face trial in Japan for the crimes they committed, and will likely face a significant amount of time in prison if found guilty.

The Japanese government has expressed its gratitude to the Philippine authorities for their help in tracking down and capturing these fugitives. This move will not only bring justice to the victims of the crimes committed by these men, but it will also send a strong message to other criminals that they will not be able to hide from the law in the Philippines or any other country.

In conclusion, the deportation of the two Japanese fugitives from the Philippines is a clear demonstration of the strong commitment of both countries to working together in the fight against crime and ensuring that justice is served for all.

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