Bong Revilla Open Letter to Jim Paredes

Former Senator Bong Revilla Jr. slammed OPM artist Jim Paredes after he confronted and berated the five members of Duterte Youth during the People Power Revolution anniversary on February 25.

In his social media post, Bong Revilla criticized Jim paredes for claiming that he’s a pro-democracy and pro-freedom figure despite of the fact that he showed a dictator attitude towards the youth group which peacefully joined the EDSA rally.

Mr. Revilla said that Mr. Paredes showed the true image of the yellow party and he said that shaming the people who didn’t believed them was unacceptable.

The former senator told Paredes that EDSA People Power is not a legacy of only one political party but legacy of the whole Filipino nation.

Revilla also blamed Paredes for ruining the legacy of EDSA People Power and it’s a shame to be called a Filipino Citizen.

He even asked Paredes to go back in Australia because the artist cannot convinced the Filipino people anymore.

This is the whole open letter wrote by former Senator Bong Revilla Jr. to Jim Paredes

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