In the vast agricultural plains of California in the U.S., there are signs which proclaim: "Food Grows Where Water Flows."

Indeed, if there is no water, there is no agriculture.

This is the reason why I am saddened and alarmed every time I see critical mountain ranges being ravaged by illegal loggers.

This was the feeling I had when I personally saw the felled trees and proofs of illegal logging in the Sierra Madre Mountain Range when I passed through the area Sept. 2 on the way to Nueva Ecija from Quirino Province passing through Aurora Province.

Today, I am launching a personal crusade, Save Sierra Madre, which I hope will bring to the attention of our environment and natural resources officials the serious problem we have not only in the Sierra Madre Mountain Range but also other critical watersheds all over the country.

Sierra Madre is the watershed of the mighty Cagayan River which is the source of water for agriculture in the provinces of Quirino, Isabela and Cagayan Valley.

Water from Cagayan River was also diverted through two tunnels dug through the mountains to provide water to the Casecnan Dam which irrigates Nueva Ecija and parts of Tarlac and Pangasinan.

If the Sierra Madre Mountain watershed is destroyed, the next generation of Filipinos will suffer.

I am asking followers of this page to send in photos of proofs of illegal logging in your areas, especially in critical watersheds so that we will bring this to the attention of President Rody Duterte.

Illegal logging must stop. The abuse of the country's forests and other natural resources must end.

People of our generation must realise that we are just custodians of what God has given us.

It is our moral duty that the next generation of Filipinos would still enjoy the mountains and the clear water so that they will enjoy a good life as well.

As the old Korean saying goes: "Good Mountain, Good Water, Good Life."

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